"Carolina Crossfire Cheer has been a wonderful experience for our daughter the past two years. She's learned many new skills, team work and received great coaching. The coaches have high standards and expectations but are loving at the same time. Carolina Crossfire Cheer has been an important part ofour family and we would unequivocally recommend it to other families."-Christi

  "Joining Carolina Crossfire Cheer has been a great experience for my 11 year old daughter. Even though this is only her first year, she has learned the importance of teamwork, dedication and competition within a safe, fun yet engaging environment. She looks forward to learning more routines and enhancing her skills as an athlete and as a cheerleader!"-Erica

  "If cheerleading teams could be described as books they would all have their own stories. CCF like all others would have a glossy cover, from the make-up and the bows to the flashy uniforms. However it's when you turn the pages that you really discover what CCF is about. It's values and life skills that are exhibited by the organization that have the true meaning. Starting with the leadership and the coaches right down to the cheerleaders. Passion, dedication, and lots of hardwork are just some of the attributes that are instilled into the team. Knowing that no individual is more important than the whole team helps build character and great quality into each cheerleader. As a parent I have tremendous pride seeing my daughter develop in this environment. The enjoyment it brings is just a bonus. GO CCF! -Andy

  "Carolina Crossfire Cheer is an environment of hard work, perseverance, laughter, and teamwork." -Sherri

  "Carolina Crossfire Cheer is exactly the type of program that my daughter & I were looking for in competitive cheer. Coach Angie's program is a detailed oriented, goal-driven, family type environment which provides the greatest opportunity for my daughter to grow and develop both as a competitive cheerleader and as a responsible young lady. We have been associated with other cheer programs in the past and I can honestly say that they fail in comparison to Carolina Crossfire Cheer. Not only does my daughter get to be both mentored and developed on a consistent basis she also gets to be a part of a consistent winning team and program. My daughter and I were both aware of the Carolina Crossfire Cheer program when she competed for another program in a different state. When we moved here we "JUMPED" at the opportunity to try-out for the Carolina Crossfire Cheer program. We are both glad that we did, me as a parent and my daughter as a Carolina Crossfire Cheer Cheerleader with plenty of competition hardware to show for it" -James

               "My daughter loves cheering with Carolina Crossfire Cheer! She has improved on her cheer and tumbling skills and has learned more difficult skills in the state of the art gym. Coach Angie has instilled a wonderful sense of confidence in my daughter with her firm sense of discipline and her warm nurturing ways that make her such a wonderful and dedicated cheer coach!" -Kim

  "What I like about Carolina Crossfire's class Cheer 101 is that it is really fun and energizing and has many activites in one class like motions,dance, and stunts." -Katherine

  "Just wanted to say THANK YOU for making my daughter (well all of us) feel so welcomed in the gym. Your gym just feels right and you and your staff are approachable. That is a great quality!  Being kind, sincere and easy to talk to. It is very refreashing!" -Cherie

"I just wanted to say thanks for allowing Kristian to come last night. She was sore afterwards but she learned a lot! The coach was very good with teaching the basics. We look forward to the next class. I told my colleagues at Blythewood Middle School about our experience last night & I know for sure that they will contact you about the class for her daughter."-Kiesha

"Thanks so much for your email! Kailey came back THRILLED after her class, along with my husband! We definitely plan on continuing!"-Jasmine

           "Coach Angie, I wrote this because my team is everything to me. I just want you to know how much I love Carolina Crossfire! It is such a great program! I'm so sad that the season is ending! Thank you so much for being the best coach in the world!"-Mary J

"I want to say that Hailey enjoys going to practices. She is dedicated and keeps me on schedule! Since she has been attending your classes, she has more confidence in herself. She also made the AB honor roll for the first time this year! Thanks for all you and your staff do!!" -Diedra

"We just wanted you to know how greatly we appreciate Coach Jasmine and Coach Lindsey. They have been wonderful coaches for Olivia. They are both very sweet and patient. Olivia loves telling everyone that she is a cheerleader. Bless her heart, we are only at the tumbling level for now. Thank you for having such a big impact on her!"-Meghan

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